A new service here at Boucher Funeral Home is our Video Tribute Program. A video tribute is a new and different way of compiling photographs into a presentation that can be viewed on-line by going to the specific tribute that you wish to view. These presentations have the power to transform your family's memories into a unique and heartfelt video that can be shared by everyone.

For the family, selecting photos for the video requires the family members to sit down and sift through old photo albums, laughing and crying together as they share stories and memories about their loved one. Reaction from families utilizing this service suggests that the video tribute will truly be considered a family treasure.

If you are interested in incorporating a video tribute into the funeral service, it is advisable to select the pictures ahead of time so that they can be brought to the arrangement conference. If this is not practical, they may be brought shortly thereafter, so that we will have time to personally produce the video for your family.

For specific details regarding a video tribute please, call us any time at (978) 632-0203 or simply e-mail us at

Brian DeAngelis

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Harry J. Landry

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