Disposition is the term used by the funeral industry to describe the final handling of the deceased's remains. 

Final Disposition can be either by Burial or Cremation.

Although your initial decision for the disposition of the body is between burial and cremation, there are several variations on each.

Burial choices include:

1. It can be interred (earth burial) in a cemetery.2. It can be entombed in a crypt within a mausoleum (above-ground burial).3. It can be buried at sea.

Why people choose burial

The majority of North Americans choose to bury their dead and to be
buried themselves in a cemetery. Families give several reasons that burial is their preference. Here are some of their reasons.

  • Burial is traditional within your family, religious group, or geographical area
  • You do not like the idea of the body being "burned"
  • You want to erect a monument on the grave.
  • Perhaps you want to visit the grave in the days to come, and you find a cemetery more appealing than say, a columbarium.
  • You prefer to be placed with other family members who have died before.

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